Friday 16 March 2012

Beatles. The - Let It Be (1970)

The final Beatles album.

And a pretty controversial one too. Mostly because Sir Paul McCartney think it was pretty much destroyed by the Phil Spector wall to wall orchestral arrangements. Sir Paul McCartney re-released Let It Be in 2003 as Let It Be - Naked.

This though is the original version and it contains a mix of curiosities. The brilliant songs, and some The Beatles classics, is Across The Universe, the title track, The Long And Winding Road and Get Back. The rest of the album is pretty bad.

This album is not on par with their really great albums and a bit of a sad ending. But the band had ceased to be at that time and their solo careers beckoned. Let It Be has too throw away songs to be a real great album. But it is still a very good album though.

3.5 points

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