Monday 19 March 2012

Disen Gage - The Screw-Loose Entertainment (2004)

Vow. A forty minutes long album now available as a free download and a good one too.

This Russian bands looks like some mad professors from a university in Moscow. Their biography confirms my "worst" fears too. Their music is instrumental eclectic prog with one foot firmly rooted in fusion-rock and jazz. The other foot is firmly grounded in King Crimson land. The first ten minutes of this album are really infectious groovy and makes my feet tap the floor in an indecent manner. The rest of the album is pretty good too.

The album also has this Russian feeling with myriads of other cultures thrown in. It is a true melting pot of everything. The main instrument are guitars, but they also use a myriad of instruments and that to good effect. I am not a fan of instrumental music, but this one is a good one. As this album is for free; grab and enjoy. I guess I need to get their second album too and I will gladly pay for that one.

3.5 points

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