Monday 19 March 2012

Love History - Desires (1995)

One of the many debuting goth/doom metal bands from the Eastern Europe that year. 1995 was indeed the year of the flood.

In a review I did for a magazine that year, I branded this band one of the best Eastern European doom metal bands on the basis of this MCD. A lot of water has passed under the bridges of Babylon since then and this MCD does not sound that fresh and vital anylonger.

Love History, the band name is very original, delivers dark goth metal with death grunts and downtuned guitars. The sound is not particular good. The music is fairly decent and nothing more. The big plus here is the use of piano which was pretty original back then. There are also some saxophones here.

This MCD is a relic from the times where dark goth metal was all the rage and MCDs like this pushed the envelope. But I still find this MCD pretty pleasant. The very effective use of saxophone and piano adds an extra dimension to this album which swings it up to a good MCD. But it is still a relic. I will though purchase their two other albums to see how this band, which I rated very highly back in 1995 and almost signed to my record label, developed.

3 stars

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