Monday 19 March 2012

Deep Purple - In Concert With The London Symph Orchestra (1999)

If you are a symphony orchestra, stealing money from a starry eyed heavy metal band is far easier than stealing money from a newborn baby. A bit naughty. I guess Deep Purple themselves wanted this live album, a celebration of the groundbreaking (not in quality) 1969/70 album with the same symphony orchestra.

I have never understood this fascination about heavy metal and rock bands wanting to do albums with symphony orchestras. It is like mixing fire with water. What do you get ? Fog, bloody fog. Is fog a good thing ? No. Is creating fog an artistic impression ? No. Why bother ? That is a mystery to me.

This album contains blues, musicals and cosy easy listening stuff with great appeal to toddlers and 100 years old seniles alike. Music for the family. But this is music without any artistic merits and no artistic value. It is like watching bread becoming bread in an oven. It is like watching a fog covered landscape.

The first CD is worthless family stuff without any musical value whatsoever. The second CD has some music with artistic merit, but is not that interesting either. Smoke On The Water with a full symphony orchestra + Deep Purple is hideous beyond belief.

Hence my sole point.

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