Saturday 25 May 2013

Toccata - Circe (2005)

The debut and only album so far from this Argentine band.

The band and album was sold to me as symphonic prog. With this band name reference to ELP, that is what I thought I got too. I was not pleased when I found just another Dream Theater copycat. Although with female vocals. The music is somewhere between prog metal and neo prog with some symph metal thrown in too. ELP ? I cannot find much of them here. If any.

The guitars and the keyboards is pretty much following the traditional formula. The drums and bass patterns is like listening to Dream Theater. The female vocals is not particular good. Neither is the songs which I feel is pretty tiresome. Decent music it is. But nothing more. This is not really for me, I am afraid. Decent, but also a very dull album.

2 points

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