Monday 14 May 2012

Vieux Carre - Etero Nimie (2012)

The second album from this Italian band. The first album is a free download from their homepage and a good download.

Their first album was Genesis inspired if my memories serves me right. And that is the case here too. The vocals and their music puts them in the Italian progressive rock category and pretty much in the middle of the scene. There is a lot of jazz influences in their music. There is also a lot of folk rock in their music. I would also add rock, eclectic prog and space rock into the mix. Perhaps eclectic Italian prog is the right label on them. Anyway.......

The vocals, both solo and vocal harmonies, is pretty much dominant here and  I have been told by an Italian friend that the lyrics is brilliant. I have no clue though as I do not speak Italian. But if you are an Italian, the lyrics will not scare you away. The rest of the sound is dominated by the bass, guitars, drums and tangents. The sound has this warm glow which you only get by an Italian band. That is why so many of us likes progressive rock from Italy although we have never visited this country. The sound is excellent, in other words.

There is no really outstanding tracks on this album. All songs are great though and they floats into each other almost like this was a concept album. It feels conceptional in it's composition though. The whole album is a delight to behold from the first minute to the last. I award it a four pointer because I really enjoy this album and recommends it.

4 points

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