Thursday 10 May 2012

Astre - Foresight (1981)

Astre was a short lived US band (a trio) whose this is their only album.

Astre was reputed to be an ELP clone. On the basis of the first minutes of this album, I agree. But the rest of the album also takes the listener into a King Crimson detour too. There is a lot of King Crimson in this album. Yes, ELP is very much present. But I would also say that they are probably more influenced by another ELP clone than ELP itself. I am referring to the German band Triumvirat here. Astre is much more like Triumvirat than ELP itself. That and some King Crimson influences.

The vocals are pretty good. The organs is good too. The quality of the sound is pretty bad and this album is pretty badly mixed. The quality of the songs are very good though. This album include some cringe worthy stuff too where the band tries to go commercial and the songs is not on par with the quality of Triumvirat and ELP. But this is still a good album and a must have for all fans of ELP like prog.

3 points

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