Monday 7 May 2012

Petra Janu - Exploduj (1980)

Petra Janu is a Czech female singer with tens of albums under her belt. She is a national treasure in that country. Her range varies from commercial pop/rock to jazz.

On this album, she is in the pop/rock mood. The opening riffs is stolen from an AC/DC song and her band copies a lot of riffs and themes from other Western artists too during this album. Let's not forget that this album was recorded and released during the cold war and the iron curtain prevented the people in the east, Petra Janu's fans, to get hold of western rock music. You had a lot of local artists who copied riffs and themes from the western artists and got a good career out of that. They got a hard time when perestroika arrived though.

The vocals are in the Czech language and there are a lot of local pop music too on this album. An album which I am sure was very popular back in 1980, but falls flat on it's face today. It has not stood the test of time and it is a cringeworthy listen these days. It is all the commercial music from 1980 put together on this foul smelly stew. In short; avoid at all costs. But Petra Janu's voice is not bad though so good luck to her and her career.
It is the music here I strongly object to.

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