Friday 4 May 2012

Mourning Beloveth - A Murderous Circus (2005)

It is pretty obvious My Dying Bride has left an impression on this world. With good reason too. Mourning Beloveth from Ireland has had a good listen to the bride's first album and made three-four albums out of that experience.

Mourning Beloveth's music is slow, slightly symphonic doom metal with bass, drums, guitars and growls vocals. A mix of death and doom metal, some would say. But Mourning Beloveth never really push the accelerator. At their fastest, they are mid tempo.

This is their debut album and they shows a lot of promise on this album. The songs are not fully developed yet. The My Dying Bride references comes a bit too thick for my liking. But they are onto something here. It is a decent debut album which comes without any really good songs. But I still give them another chance and is purchasing their second album on the basis of what I hear here.

2.5 points

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  1. debut album? get your background right fuckface.