Wednesday 11 September 2013

Sombre Reptile - Timeless Island (2012)


The third album from this French fusion band.

Fusion as in a mix of jazz and ambient music in this case. After the very promising electric guitar solos driven opening track Out Of The Jungle, the tempo slackens down a lot with a mix of electric guitars and keyboards. A lot of the music is ambient and rather uninspiring. The melodies is not that good either.

I am most of all missing the type of intensity and drive the really good fusion albums and bands always have. The good melodies..... you don't find them here. Timeless Island is a very laid back album which may work as a relaxation album. But the jazzy interludes will break up any relaxation the listener seeks. I have been listening to this album both at my daily train commute and at home. It is most definate more suitable commuting listening. It is still nothing more than a decent album though. Sorry......

2 points

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