Saturday 21 September 2013

Kotebel - Ouroboros (2009)

Their fifth album.

I am not sure how to describe this Spanish band and their music. Keith Emerson and Marian Vargas is obvious influences in Kotebel's operatic, symphonic instrumental music. On Ouroboros, they have also incorporated both RIO and jazz. The result is both an intense and dense sound which plays on many different level. It is also music who floats somewhere between jazz, neo-classical music, movie soundtracks and rock music.

It is incredible hard to make good music in this niche of the scene Kotebel occupies. This music is love/hate for the listener. I feel both love and hate for this album.

It is frustrating to listen to an album I should really like, but where I find no real killer tracks which really moves me and makes me stop up and listen. I also loves their devil-may-care attitude and some of this music. It is refreshing to have bands like Kotebel who operates on the extreme fringes of the scene and offers up something entirely different again. And Ouroboros is a good album. It has some really good and great melody lines. But seventy-two minutes is too much for a casual Kotebel listener like myself. It is like I would like to go and hide under the bed when confronted by their music. Anyway, you have been encouraged to check out this album from their Bandcamp site.

3 points

The album (streamed and purchase)

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