Sunday 8 September 2013

Hax Cel - Zwai (1972)

Another one of German krautrock band.

This band only left a '7 single and this live recording behind them before they disbanded. This was re-released by the German label Garden Of Delights as one CD back in 2001. A label who has done great things for the scene.

It is therefore a pity that I don't find this album particular interesting. Hax Cel's brand of krautrock is a mix of pure classical music and flutes driven folk rock. There is not much synergy between these two extremes either. I get the feeling this is two bands under one name.

Zwai is a highly original album. Originality does not means good though in this case. This is a decent enough album and one for the krautrock purists. But not for the casual krautrock fan.

2 points

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