Sunday 19 February 2017

Apocalypse - Aurora Dos Sonhos (1996)

The third album from this Brazilian band.

The band was a quartet on this album with a lineup of guitars, organs, drums, piano, bass, synths and Brazilian vocals.

I like this band and you will find the recently added reviews of their debut album here and their second album here

This band is a symphonic prog band. It is one of many symphonic prog bands from South America & Mexico. A greeeeeeeeeeat continent for progressive rock.

I was not entirely pleased with their two previous efforts as you can see from my reviews. But they have pulled together and come up with their third album.

Their vocals is still dodgy and I agree with those who think the band should have got a far better vocalist on this album.

.....Which is a pity because the music here is a mix of symphonic prog and good old style neo-prog. Marillion and IQ meets Genesis. Symphonic neo-prog is a label I have seen on this album and I agree. Symphonic neo-prog it is.

This album still retains this Latin-American progressive rock sound. A sound taken from the 1970s pioneering symphonic prog bands from this continent.

This album is almost one hour long and it is overall a very good album with a lot of very interesting and very good melodies. At times, this album is almost a great album. The vocals is a sobering downer, though. Nevertheless......

3.5 points


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