Saturday 30 July 2016

Goblin - Patrick (1979)

The ninth album from this Italian band.

The band was a four piece band with a lineup of keyboards, percussions, drums, bass and guitars. All music is instrumental.

This is the soundtrack for the Australian scary movie Patrick. A movie quite popular and now re-released on Blue-Ray. It is still available on DVD too. I am not that tempted as this is not really my kind of movies.

The movie is also a semi-classic and a cult-movie.

.....Which cannot be said about the music.

The music here is pretty dark and very much in the film-score setup with a lot of ambient music with some jazzy influences. The music is pretty dark and brooding though. The music reflects the movie, I have been told by Amazon's reviews of the movie.

As a stand alone album, this album does not offers up much value. The frequent use of piano and keyboards adds a lot of ambience here. This album is almost a new-age album at times.  There is a lot of sinister moods going on here.

The music is decent enough though and in it's own right a far from horrible album. It is a decent fifty minutes long album. This is not one of their best albums.

2 points

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