Monday 23 June 2014

Tentacle - The Angel Of Death (1990)

The debut and so far only album from this German band.

This album was sold to me as a krautrock album. Which indeed it is too. Although recorded and released in 1990 (??), this music here sounds like proto-krautrock. Take a big chunk of soul and blues. Then add some wild distorted space rock guitars and some psychedelic rock. That is what you get here.

The sound is good on this forty minutes long album. The vocals is the very typical hard rock vocals from the early 1970s. David Coverdale springs to mind. A bit screamy and a bit forced. Very powerful, though. The music is pretty hard rocking throughout with some hard working and smoking guitar solos.

The music itself is pretty good. It is not the most exciting album I have heard. But as a proto-krautrock album, this is one of the better ones I have heard. If the band is still around and if there is any life in the band members, I am pretty sure they will protest against me labeling them as proto-krautrock. But I hear what I hear.

There is no real great or even good songs on this album. It is a very decent album though, well worth checking out. This album is a bit difficult to find though.

2.5 points

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