Friday, 6 June 2014

Mediterranea - Ecce Rock (1981)

The only sign of life from this very short lived Italian band.

This trio's album is a bit of an oddity even in the very creative free flowing Italian scene. It is wholly instrumental too throughout the thirty-eight minutes it last.

Where do I start... ? The basis is folk rock. A bit gypsy music too. The music is pretty wild. Then add a lot of Canterbury weird pop and jazz too the proceedings too. It also has a bit country'n'western flowing through it too. Add Italian prog too and you get this pretty stylish album. The music also got some rock elements aka The Byrds and The Band too. Strange brew, this one....

The music is created by mandolin, bass, guitars and drums. This trio makes the most out of these instruments with the guitars doing the lead and solos. The mandolin adds a lot of colours and textures here. The music is pretty intense throughout and the drummer is getting a thorough workout.

Ecce Rock is one of those hidden gems which I found at Youtube and then purchased. It is one of those album which adds a lot of colours to the scene. It is also a good album with a good power trio intensity and good melodies. Not to mention some quirky details. I really like this rather odd album.

3 points

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