Sunday 15 June 2014

Metamorfosis - Papallones I Elefants (1982)

The only album so far from this Spanish band. A band not to be confused with other bands with the same name. A pretty much overcrowded scene.

This band is actually from the Catalan region of Spain and they were very much following in the footsteps of other Catalan and Spanish bands who combined jazz, symphonic prog and Spanish/Catalan folk music. That up and including flamenco.

Take Return To Forever, insert Keith Emerson as a keyboard player next to Chick Corea and add a subtle slice of flamenco and folk music. That is what you get on this one hour long album. The music is instrumental throughout and is performed with guitars, keyboards, piano, percusion, drums and bass.

The bass is pretty much in the jazz direction with a distinct thumping melodic sound. A very good sound. The music is not particular intense. It is more laid back and strays into symphonic prog on a regular basis. There is no real great melodies here. But the music will really please any fusion fans. In particular those into Return To Forever and piano based jazz. This is a very good album which I will keep stored in my living room for frequent airplay.

3.5 points

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