Saturday, 28 June 2014

Load. The - Load Have Mercy (1977)

The second and final album from this US band.

This band is one of the many obscure and forgotten US bands in the symphonic prog genre. They started out after the symphonic prog genre had come to an abrupt end in the onslaught of overblown albums, tours and the resulting punk movement. The Load were as socially accepted in 1977 as black death and cholera.

Nevertheless, the band followed up their debut album with this album and more of the same sort. That is a big dosage of ELP with some fusion and AOR thrown in. The keyboardist and pianist Sterling Smith is backed up by a bassist and drummer here. That is all you need. Well, and some guitars. But there is none here. Officially, that is. But there is a lot of guitars here though.

The music is not particular good or interesting. It is nodding along quite nicely for an hour and I am almost nodding off during the listening sessions. It is not too bad. It is just a bit on the dull side. No good songs and nothing really good here. It is a decent album and nobody has lost out on something good here. It is an obscure album for a good reason.

2 points

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