Friday 20 June 2014

Hostsonaten - Springtides (2004)

A stop-gap compilation album from this Italian band.

Hostsonaten has got a very good reputation and rightly so. Their brand of Scandinavian symphonic prog and melancholy has hit a lot of right notes. They are among my favourite albums when it comes to outputs from Italy. And it should not surprise anyone that Fabio Zuffanti is the main man in this band.

This seventy minutes long album has a mix of the very good and the so & so decent stuff. The ambient acoustic guitars tracks here are pretty dull. The more symphonic prog stuff here is very good. There is a lot of stuff here which is not top rate and where Fabio is playing around with ideas. Some of them are great. Some of them are not so great.

This is not an album anyone who want to find out more about Hostsonaten should try out. It is an album you get when you have purchased the rest of the Hostsonaten disco. It is a good album in it's own right and I am a happy owner of it.

3 points

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