Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Simak Dialog - The 6th Story (2013)

The fifth studio album from this Indonesian band.

This is one of the handful jazz acts from Indonesia picked up and released by MoonJune in USA. A label with some great acts. Simak Dialog is one of them.

What we get here is jazz with some Indonesian folk music influences. They use some local percussions called Sundanese Kendang in addition to guitars, bass, synth and piano. The famous guitarist Tohpati, who has also released some solo albums, does the guitars here.

The result is a much more traditional jazz album than I expected. The Indonesian influences is still there and the various percussions is dominating this album. Melody wise, this is not much of an album. I wish they had been a lot more bolder when it comes to melodies too. What we get here is not particular interesting.

The main course here is the percussions, supported by some melodies and far too traditional jazz. Therefore, this is a good album. I did expect a lot more than this though and this album disappoints me. Check out this band.

3 points

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