Sunday 29 June 2014

Supay - El Viaje (2007)

The second album from this Peru based band. Please note this is the album and not the EP with the same name and artwork I am reviewing here. Confusing, yes.

The band is following up their 2004 debut album Confusion with another slab of folk rock. That is; Peruvian folk music combined with some fusion and hard rocking guitars. Take what I would call pan flutes and add guitars, percussions, bass, keyboards and drums. That is when you get sound like this. This album is wholly instrumental too.

The band is mostly not mixing folk music with rock and fusion. The album starts off with some folk music, infused into a fusion landscape. Then we get some rock too and fusion. But never really mixed. The electric guitars and Hammond organs is dominating the fusion and rock material. Those and the bass. The pan flutes is dominating the folk elements.

For a couple of songs, the elements gets fused together. Those are the best minutes of this forty-three minutes long album. I would prefer more of the same, please. So much that I am looking into purchasing their new, 2013 album Senales.

This is by all means a good album which will satisfy the folk rock fans. I really like this band. A band which would had graced the festivals in Europe and USA if given the chance. I hope.......

3 points  

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