Saturday 14 June 2014

Graal - Tales Untold (2007)

The second album from this Italian band.

I reviewed their 2011 album Legends Never Die some time ago. It was a great album and one to get for those into the vintage hard rock 1970s sound. The likes of Grand Funk Railroad, Uriah Heep and Deep Purple.

It should not come as a surprise that this album too is in that vein. Graal has found their space in time and a good sound. Tales Untold is a bit more softer than Legends Never Die though. A bit more standard stadium rock. Still with a very big Uriah Heep influence. Not to mention; a great deal of folk rock influence too.

The vocals here is in English. The keyboards, guitars, bass and drums turned back to the 1970s, although with a crisp clean sound. I love the keyboards. The guitar harmonies are great too. Ditto for the vocals too.
Not all the songs are great. But I really like what I hear on this fifty minutes long album. I now have two albums by them and cannot understand why this band is not more popular than they are. Graal is truly a hidden gem and should get all the attention they can get. This is a weak great reward from my side. Check out this band and their albums.

4 points

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