Saturday, 15 November 2014

Maryson - On Goes The Quest (1998)

The second and so far the final album from this Dutch band.

We are back in melodic prog land again. Some sort of neo-prog to be more precise. This band is the vehicle of William Maryson. He does the keyboards and vocals here. Thijs Van Leer from Focus is guesting as the flute player here too. The band itself is a five piece band with bass, drums, guitar and keyboards. A female vocalist is also guesting here in addition to Mr. Van Leer. 

This is a concept album about a master magician. Just as their debut album was a concept album about a master magician. There is a theme running here....

Unfortunate, the music here is not particular good. It is decent enough, though. The sound is thin and the music is going nowhere. To put it as simple as this: There is not much quality here. The guitar solos are good. The rest is not particular good. 

Nevertheless, I have heard far worse albums than this pretty dull album. In the big ocean of prog bands, this band is merely a sardine. This based on albums like this one.

2 points

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