Sunday 2 November 2014

Conqueror - Storie Fuori Dal Tempo (2005)

The second album from this Italian band.

This band has emerged as one of the more promising, long living bands from the last fifteen years. They are reasonable productive too with five albums to this date. 

Their brand of Italian progressive rock is based on a lot of flutes and the usual keyboards, guitars, bass and drums setup. Add saxophone and female vocals to the mix too and you get this band. Most of the material here is instrumental though. 

This one hour album is divided into five short songs and one half an hour long suite named Morgana. The short songs and the long suite is more or less one piece of music anyway. The songs has one sound and glides into each other. The sound is very lush throughout.

It is a bit of a let down that the songs are not great here as the band has done everything except from delivering great songs. I still think this is a very good album though and one to check out for everyone into Italian progressive rock. It comes recommended. 

3.5 points 

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