Saturday, 29 November 2014

Marbin - The Third Set (2014)

The first live album from this Israeli-US band. 

Marbin is one of those bands who I have always regarded as a very tight band with a pretty heavy, noisy brand of jazz. The band has played hundreds of gigs and has got a very good reputation. So it was about time they released a live album after three studio albums.

Marbin plays a very intense form of jazz here. They starts out in five hundred miles an hour with some hard and fast jazzy guitar solos before the saxophone comes in and the tempo is slightly becoming slower. A bit slower. The band combines the saxophone and the guitar very well.

Music wise, their music comes across as heavy jazz/fusion with a lot of blues and hard rock influences. I prefer to call it intense music which straddles many types of music. Even the hard rock fans will like this album a lot. 

There is no doubts that this is a great live band. There is no really great tracks on this one hour long album. I would still give this live album a very good rating. Check it out and make sure you are there next time this band visit your town. 

3.5 points 

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