Sunday 19 January 2014

Visitor 2035 - Visitor 2035 (1978)

The second album from this British fusion band.

I got this album after I had been told that Joe Mason from Fruupp was a member of the band. He is indeed the keyboard player on this album.

Well, he also changed music genres from Fruupp to Visitor 2035. If the band name sounds science fiction, it is because it is just that. The music is spaced out fusion, not so unlike The Weather Report. The difference is that Visitor 2035 has a lot of space rock in their sound and music too.

The music is very much guitars driven with great help from keyboards, trumpet, bass and percussion. The music is entirely instrumental. The rhythms are very infectious and my feet is thumping along with the music under the office desk. Very infectious indeed. The same goes for the guitars and keyboards too.

There is no really great tracks here. Nevertheless, this is a very good fusion album which fans of fusion should check out. It is a hidden gem, no less.

3.5 points

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