Thursday 2 January 2014

Panta Rhei - Bartok (1977)

The first of in total three studio albums from this Hungarian band.

The album title is a give away for what you will find on this album. It is all about the Hungarian composer Bela Bartok (1881 - 1945). A classical composer which rightly is a hero in Hungary and much loved in the rest of the world too.

Panta Rhei is a four man piece + a vocalist who were educated in the Hungarian music academies and then let themselves loose on this project. A very, very ELP like project. It is not much wrong to call them ELP copycats. The synths and keyboards sounds like Keith Emerson. Even the sporadic vocals sounds like Greg Lake too. Most of the music is keyboards and more keyboards.

The end result is a.... well, not particular original album. The sound is not that good either. It is muddy and compressed. The music far too ELP like. This and other Panta Rhei albums is free downloads from their homepage (see link below) and feel free to check out this half an hour long album yourself. This is a decent album in my view, but nothing more.

2 points


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