Friday 24 January 2014

Timeline - New Dreams, New Hopes (2013)

A new Italian band with their debut album. I know next to nothing about them. But I am sure we will hear a lot more about them, those of us into Italian prog rock.

Yes, we are in Italy again. In an Italian prog rock landscape. Somewhat, that is. The male vocalist is using both English and Italian vocals. The setup is the usual keyboards, guitars, bass and drums in addition to the vocals.
The music is based on Italian gprog rock, but they also makes detours into a much more prog/goth metal landscape now and then. They also visits commercial, bland rock too. This is in short almost an hour with a band who are not sure where they want to go. That is not unusual on a debut album.

The overall quality is good. That is the median on the fifty-five minutes. Some of the songs is great. The ones where they stick to the traditional Italian prog is great. These songs is more a heavy Italian prog rock songs than a more poppy, folk rock influenced Italian prog rock songs. And they work because the vocalist sings in Italian and within himself. Therefore; the vocals is very good.

The songs that does not work is the more goth songs and the more heavy prog metal songs. The vocalist is over straining himself and the English vocals is not good. Take my advice and stick to the Italian vocals. Drop songs where the vocalist is over straining himself. I was sorely tempted to call out an ambulance during those songs to fetch the vocalist. Painful is the word. Besides of the vocals, these songs are good enough. But not great.

The median quality is good to very good. I give it a good rating and recommend everyone to check out this album.

3 points

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