Monday, 20 January 2014

Twenty Committee. The - A Lifeblood Psalm (2013)

The debut album from this promising new US band.

I have heard the new label "prog pop" being banded around a lot when it comes to this new band. Them and some other bands, in fact. Electric Light Orchestra springs to mind. Yes, I agree there is a lot of new melodic prog album which does not fit the rock tag either. Maybe label "progressive pop/prog pop" is what best describe this album too.

This forty-five minutes album does have it's fair share of rock and even some metal riffs too. A lot of this album is what I would call progressive pop too. The best parts of this album, that is. The music is performed with keyboards, guitars, bass, drums and male vocals.

The music is melodic throughout. The sound is very good. The songs are pretty majestic and somewhat pomp rock sounding. What is missing here is a great song or two. Being a debut album, this album is more than acceptable. It is a good to very good album, well worth checking out on the link below.

3 points

The album

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