Monday 1 October 2012

Vangelis - The Collection (2012)

Vangelis is the artist identity of Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou, an ex member of Aphrodite's Child and a very successful composer in his own right. If you have ever watched a movie or watched a TV programme, the chances for you having heard his music is very high. If you followed the London Olympic games this summer, you most certainly heard his music as his music, officially or unofficially, was it's soundtrack. The rousing Chariots Of Fire theme was everywhere during those fourteen days. That includes the stunning opening ceremony where Mr Bean fumbled around to Vangelis music.

It is very appropriate and right that Vangelis/his record label has released this 2 CD album of his best music. My partner has bought it and I have borrowed it for some days to review it.

The music is taken from his long career as a movie soundtrack composer. Most of the tracks here are known from TV and movies. They plays a part of our lives. Isolated on a CD, they feels a bit naked and bereft of life. The movie images is missing. This is pleasant music enough and perfect mood music. It is the soundtrack of our lives. It is a fine reminder about the London Olympics. Hence my good rating.

3 points 

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