Saturday 13 October 2012

Scherzoo - 01 (2011)

Scherzoo is the brainchild of François Thollot, a French musician with two albums out on his own. He has now put all his efforts into the band project Scherzoo.

Listed as a zeuhl band, you would probably expect zeuhl. This is not exactly the case here. The music is driven by alto saxophone, bass, drums, piano and guitars. Despite of being an electric band, they still have this chamber and rio feel over them. The music is very tight and intense. The music is very intense. I mentioned chamber and rio above. I would also label the music jazz. Very intense jazz. It also has a faint zeuhl feeling.

The main instrument is alto saxophone. The other instruments is backing up the solos and this main instrument. The musicians does a great job. My main gripe with this album, their debut album, is the lack of any real great tracks. The music is good enough, but does not really capture my imagination. This is a good album and one to get if intense jazz and avant-garde is your thing. As a debut album, this album promises a lot.

3 points

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