Monday 8 October 2012

Court - Frost of Watermelon (2007)

The third album from this Italian prog/art rock band and the come back after a ten years long break.

Court does not really fits into the Italian prog rock formula. They use English vocals and the sound is pretty much the usual English one too with some added, faint Italian progressive rock influences too. Well, add American too that sound too. To be more precise, I am referring to their mix of the Genesis sound and the folk rock sound combined the grungy college sound from the north-west coast of the USA (Pearl Jam springs to mind). Ditto for the music, too.

The music is performed by a variety of acoustic instruments (most notable; mandolin and flutes), electric guitars, bass, keyboards and drums. That gives the music a warm, glowing feel.

The sound is great and ditto for the vocals. Even after numerous listening sessions, I am struggling to really find some great songs here. There is none, in my view. The music is also too straight rock for my liking. The grungy Pearl Jam elements does not do anything for me here. I am by no means a fan of straight rock and there is far too much of that on this album. I also got problems remembering the music inbetween the listening sessions. That is not a good sign too.

I really like the sound though and the songs are good. So a weak good award is what I can get up with here. By all means, check out this album and their brand new album.

3 points


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