Wednesday 10 October 2012

Sunchild - The Wrap (2010)

The third album from this Antony Kalugin (Karfagen, etc etc) lead band from Ukraine.

Where Karfagen is an all out one man keyboards assault in the ELP vein, Sunchild is a band affair with guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and Antony's vocals. It is also very much neo and symphonic prog orientated and draws a lot from the likes of Marillion and Genesis. At least on The Wrap.

The album starts with some laboured vocals by Antony and a five minutes long, radio airplay orientated song (Day Of Destiny) which is not representative for the rest of the album. After another short song, we get the centrepiece of the album, the forty minutes long  Under The Wrap. A very elegant neo and symph prog piece with a lot of great keyboards and guitar runs. That and some sampled ambient symphonic orchestra bits. The album closes with some shorter songs.

The Wrap is a very elegant album which would make any neo and symph prog fan happy. Although elegant and with a great sound, it is a bit lacking in the great songs department. The Wrap is agonising close to being a great album. Fans of neo and symph prog will still love this very good album, though. I will get their other albums too.

3.5 points

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