Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Idiot Saint Crazy - 12.12.12 (2012)

This is the first sign of life from Idiot Saint Crazy, Valentin Carette's side project. His daytime job is the French avant-garde band Yolk.

12.12.12 has a lot of personalities and voices. From post-rock, industrial metal to jazz, prog metal, guitar shredding, shoegaze and some more atmospheric rock. All of it is instrumental and you get 80 minutes of this not particular good music. The quality is only half decent throughout. The album is (not officially) divided into segments with one kind of music in each segment. That is how it feels to me.

It is almost impossible to review an album as diverse as this. 80 minutes is far too much for an album like this. The method of lumping it all together into one album is the curse of Bandcamp and digital albums. I have received a lot of them lately and most of them is suffering from the lack of editing and self control. This album is a prime example of this. This album is not an album. It is a collection of unrelated songs from various projects lumped together under the moniker Idiot Saint Crazy. This project and this album need edit and tight control. Full stop. If edited, a listeneable product could had been delivered to the marketplace and being enjoyed by others. That is not the case for this album. I am really sorry as I got it from Valentin. But that is my view. Edit.

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  1. Hey ! No problem, i understand your view. Just, i have to say that not being focused on a genre is exactly my point. If you dig a little on my project, you can see that there is many characters playing different styles with different stories behind. I totaly assume the fact that it sounds a little bit like a compilation. But, i think my music take another sense live because there is stories and visuals. It's like a flow of thoughts, when you are thinking, your thoughts are not always focused on one idea...That's how i play and listen to music. Thanks for reviewing ! I like your work. IDIOT SAINT CRAZY/Valentin.
    Ps : it's also a physical album (i'm my own producer so when i press a cd i don't like to let blank, it's a sort of generosity too !).