Saturday 13 October 2012

Sigur Ros - Valtari (2012)

This album has been kicking around on my MP3 player since it was released and given some listening sessions. Neither this or any other Sigur Ros albums is easy listening. Let alone easy to write about. That as in a review.

Sigur Ros from Iceland is the most important band within the post rock/shoegaze genre and one of the most important bands in the music scene today. They have more or less re-written the rules for melodies and how to present sounds as in the form of music. Sigur Ros does not write music. They paint big soundscapes.

Valtari is their latest painting. A painting of desolate and lush Icelandic landscapes. Snow, ice and green pastures at the same time. The music is ambient and is painted with broad strokes. Well, I am not a painter so I have no clue about what a painter do. Best to stop it here. The music is mostly instrumental with some male vocals used as instruments. The music is pretty bleak and beautiful at the same time. This is music only Sigur Ros can make and it is beautiful. It is also a bit hit and miss, their music. They mainly hit me at home with this album. They are though making too much of each of their ideas. Ideas which is perfect as soundscapes in movies and TV programmes. On this album though, they sounds a bit flat. This is though a very good album. It is not their best album though.... I believe.

3.5 points

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