Wednesday 3 October 2012

Mystic Siva - Mystic Siva (1971)

The one and only album from this US band.

The title hints about krautrock. The music is not far off being krautrock either. Most will label this music krautrock. I got it included in a big krautrock box I got some months ago.

The sound and music on this forty-six minutes long album is typical late 1960s. The music is heavy acid rock. The music though is more song focused than those spaced out long trips. You get verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solos-verse. The typical 1960s and this day and age pop/rock setup. The DNA profile of rock and pop.
The sound is performed with (thankfully) plenty of Hammond organs and guitars. They are supported by bass and drums. The male vocals is pretty acid laden and the typical 1960s vocals. They are good too.

The quality is good throughout this album. There is no great songs here. This album ticks along nicely and it is a very enjoyable listen. Those into this type of music should really check out this album. I rate it.

3 points

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