Saturday 7 July 2012

Prisma - Prisma (1980)

A Dutch band with their only output, a private pressing in 1000 x released through their own label Prisma Records.

The music is a mix of Camel like symphonic prog, fusion, AOR and some funk. The vocals are in English. The instrumentations is electric guitars, tangents, congas, bass and drums.

The vocals are not bad. The band sounds good too. The sound is very slick and does not bite much. They sounds like a jazzed up Camel. Slick and very much like the 1980s. The synths sounds very dated. The songs are not particular good either. My guess is that they were turned down by the record labels before they released this album on their own. I understand the rejections. This is a decent album, but nothing more I am afraid. This is simply not a quality album. As simple as that.

2 points

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