Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Ninth Moon Black - Kalyug (2010)

The second offering from this band from the Pacific Northwest area of USA.

I was not impressed by their first offering (see my review from June). A bit too chaotic instrumental metal and clever for the sake of being clever for my liking. Kalyug is a bit of a step in the right direction though. Less chaos and more post-rock like structures. The music is much more relaxed this time around and shoegazing. More melancholy than all out rage.

Clocking in at thirty minutes and a free album, this album is dominated by guitars, drums and bass. That ansd some voice sound samples of the likes of Stephen Hawkins. This type of music is by no means my cup of tea. But I like this album a lot. I like their attitude and the ambience on this album. I think it deserves a lot of expo too. Link below to a free download.

3 points

Free download 

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