Wednesday 28 November 2012

Vaudeville - Vendetta (2012)

The second album from this US band. Or to be precise, this band from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Their first album Dismantle The Sky from 2009 has evaded my attention. Vendetta caught my attention because of the artwork and then the blurb. So I went for it.

Vaudeville is one of these bands who are looking forward instead of staring back to the likes of Yes, Genesis etc etc. Their sound and music is somewhere between Muse, Marillion and modern rock. They are perhaps more an art rock band than a prog rock band although they very much fits the prog rock label too. Their sound is very big and monuments like. The music is based on the verse-chorus-verse formula. No foreign planets hopping on this album. No space walks. The sound is very much made in USA and has also been greatly influenced by the English art rock scene.

The sound is dominated by walls of guitars and keyboards. The Matthew Bellamy sounding vocals is also very much present. So are the thundering bass and drums too. They creates elleven very good songs. A killer track is sorely missing though. That would had elevated this album to another level again. The standard is on that level. It is obvious that this is a good live band and they are probably far better on stage than on an album. This album is still a very good investment though and is highly recommended.

3.5 points

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