Tuesday 20 November 2012

Galgano. John - Real Life Is Meeting (2012)

John Galgano is the second Izz affiliated member who steps out with a debut album this year. This in addition to this year's Izz album.

Real Life Is Meeting is a much more art rock orientated album than what we get from Izz. It is still close enough to Izz to be an obligatory purchase for all Izz fans and anyone else interested in this band. John Galgano has added Laura Meade on female vocals (in addition to his own vocals) and she gives the album an extra americana dimension. The music also lurks from art rock to americana, some eclectic and some symph prog (Spock's Beard & Neal Morse). The music is performed with piano, keyboards, guitars, bass and drums.

The sound is good. The music is good and I got nothing bad to say about this album. It does not really hit me home though as I am missing some great songs which could had added extra value to this album. This is a good debut album from a vastly experienced musician. It is a good platform for more solo albums in addition to the daytime job in Izz. Keep them coming.

3 points

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