Monday 12 November 2012

Saga - Full Circle (1999)

Saga is back to their good old form with this, their thirteenth album.

The previous album The Pleasure & The Pain from 1997 was far more pain than pleasure. Thankfully, they are back in the pleasure business again with Full Circle. That means the usual Saga sound and the usual song structures. Saga has always been on the slightly cheesy side and that's where they are on this album too. The use of children choirs is very cheesy.

On the positive side, the band also comes up with some really good stuff on this album too.  Michael Sadler's vocals are really good and the rest of the band delivers the goods too. The best song is Night To Remember. One of their better songs from their long career. Full Circle is a welcome return to form from this band which I have a soft spot for.

3 points

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