Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pez - Convivencia Sagrada (2001)

Pez delivers a bewildering expercience in Convivencia Sagrada.

Pez is an Argentine band who started out as a punk band and has morphed into a punk-jazz band on this album, their fifth album. Canterbury style jazz, funk and fusion from a punk rock platform. I could list the bands pieces of this album reminds me about. That list would be a very long list though. Let's say they visit everybody from Soft Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Inxs and Bad Religion on this album.

The basis is still this warm Latin-America hammond organ and Spanish vocals based sound. A sound which acts as the glue who to some extent binds this album together. A bewildering album who strikes out in all direction.

The quality is good throughout though. In particular after giving this album a lot of time as it requires. There are a lot of really good melody lines and details here. But this album is by no means easy listening and I feel they may have overstreched themselves here. It is though fun to find albums like this which is free of any inhibitions. This album is totaly anarchy, Argentine style. Long live this anarchy.

3 points

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