Friday, 29 June 2012

Garfield - Out There Tonight (1977)

Garfield French returned with the second album one year after unleashing the debut album.

Listening to their debut album Strange Streets was a mix of hope and despair. I hoped the final song on that album, Eyes, would be a good pointer for the second album. Out There Tonight dashed all hopes I had.

Out There Tonight has a lot of classical orchestra strings instruments in addition to a piano. The music is a mix of light hearted pop music with a full symphony orchestra and Supertramp. Garfield most of all sounds like a third rate Supertramp copycat with a symphony orchestra attached.

The quality of the songs are dire, to say at least. This is an album I prefer listening to in a dark room, alone. It is best avoided by everyone who does not love overblown pop music with symphony orchestra and/or cheap Supertramp copycats. I cannot stand this album.

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