Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Locanda delle Fate - Forse Le Lucciole Non Si Amano Più (1977)

The debut album from this Italian band.

The Italian prog rock scene grew out of the English scene and was and still is highly influenced by the likes of Genesis, ELP, Yes and Jethro Tull. That and the Italian folk rock and pop scene. The Italian prog rock scene offers up a lot of variations though. From pastoral folk pop to pretty hard rocking prog.

Locanda delle Fate is one of the bands who were more in the Genesis and pastoral rock mould. This album is free of any power chords and hard rock. This album is entirely focused on long, epic pastoral melodies. These melodies are performed with flutes, guitars, vintage keyboards, drums and bass. Least, but not forgotten is Leonardo Sasso's excellent vocals which floats over the music like the sun drenched an Italian valley.

The end result is one of the better albums from the Italian scene. The melodies are as lush as the sunkissed Italian landscape. Close your eyes and this music will take you there. A couple of killer tracks would had elevated this album to another level again. But I am not complaining. This is a great album from one of the minor bands in the scene.

4 points

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