Thursday, 28 June 2012

Le Orme - Felona & Sorona (1973)

This is the English language version of the Felona E Sorona album from the same year.

Le Orme and PFM released some English language versions of their albums on ELP's Manticore label in hope to break out of Italy and into the wider world. Sad, really. But that was the scene back then. I don's know if they managed to break this market though.

The music is great. No doubts. This is great symphonic rock with folk music incluced too. Read my review of the Italian version below for the run down of the music.

The music was built around the words too and the lyrical Italian language. The music is loosing it's fluency when replaced with another language. That has been lost in the translation and it is a pretty big thing. Hence my loss of enthusiasm for this music in the translation. I do not speak a single words of Italian. But I still prefer the Italian version and that with a one point big margin.

3 points

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