Saturday 2 June 2012

Kreuzweg - Kreuzweg (1983)

An obscure German band who released only this album and then disappeared without a trace.

Their music can best described as piano & vocals based epic rock. There are also some electric guitars, woodwinds and synths here. The music is mid-tempo and not particular symphonic or even multi-dimentional. The music sticks to it's narrow formula. There are also some krautrock influences in their music. Mostly from the likes of Grobschnitt which is the only reference I would use on this album and the band.

The quality is pretty decent throughout. There is no great songs here though and this album tends to be a bit dull throughout. There is a reason for this album being obscure and largely forgotten. The quality of the songs here, for example. But I have heard far worse albums than this one, though.

2 points

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