Wednesday 22 October 2014

Ertlif - Ertlif (1994)

Ertlif was a short-lived band from Switzerland. This album is a combination of their 1972 album Ertlif and their 1974 album Heavenly & Heavy. I am not sure if all the tracks from these two LPs is included here.

Ertlif was quite a pioneering band in Switzerland who came to the ball pretty late. The ball was the krautrock ball and this CD, both LP albums, can be best described as proto-krautrock. 

Take a lot of blues, heavy rock, rock and some psychedelic rock. Then you get this fifty minutes long album. The music is performed with a lot of Hammond organs, vocals, guitars, bass and drums.

The result is a pretty hard rocking album with a lot of potential. The sound is not particular great though. It is good enough to let the vocals shine through and that is the best thing about this album. The music is dated and it has not dated well. This is nevertheless a decent album for those who want everything (loonies like myself). Decent is the word I would use about this album and nothing more than that.

2 points  

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