Saturday, 25 October 2014

Electric Mud Generator - To The Disdain Of Polyhymnia (2008)

The second album from this English band.

The band name is really a give away. This is either a space/krautrock band or a stoner band. In this case, a bit of everything, really.

This seventy-three minutes long album features some long songs. They are surprisingly melodic songs. I did expect some work outs from outer space. There are some of it here too, but not much. The emphasis is on melody. 

The vocals are clear and good. Most of the guitars are chugging although there are a lot of the usual, standard metal solos here too. The bass and drums is chugging along too. The keyboards is working along in electronica type of music vein. 

Some of the music here is very good. Some of the music is pretty dire. I am most of all surprised about how often this album is dipping into psychedelic rock territory. In this respect, this is a krautrock album. 

I quite like this album and would recommend it. A shortened version without some of the middle bits would had made this a great album. As it is now, it is still a good album. Check it out if you can.

3 points 

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