Monday 6 April 2015

Whitewater - Obscured by the Sun (2014)

The second album from this English duo, consisting of Stuart Stephens on guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals + Paul Powell on drums.

I was not particular pleased with their 2013 album The Sound Of Galaxy Smashing. So I was not looking forward to this one....

The music here is still on the ambient side. The duo is clearly influenced by Pink Floyd. But also add in Hawkwind and the space rock genre here. The duo's infatuation with the cosmic space kind of gives the game away.

Being a duo, the sound is pretty sparsely populated with instruments. Mostly by a bass, guitar, drums and vocals. The vocals are pretty good and entirely fitting the music. That leaves the music a lot of open space to breathe in. And that is exactly what it does. There is a lot of post rock ambience in the music.

There is even some proper songs too. Well structured songs and melodies. And that is an improvement. And the songs are good too. Ditto for the sound and the rest of the music. The duo has now cracked it and they are a very welcome addition to the prog scene. I like this album and I am giving it a good rating. 

3 points  

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