Wednesday 15 April 2015

Syndéresi - I.N.R.H (2003)

An Italian band with a demo before they split up.

The band originated in the 1970s, they claims. They reconvened again in the 1990s and recorded this demo CD which was then put out on Bandcamp after they split up in 2003. 

This is a demo and that should be remembered. The band was a five piece with keyboards, Italian vocals, drums, bass, flute and guitars. 

The band played Italian progressive rock in the good old vein. The symphonic prog vein. The 1970s in other words. The sound is not particular good and the material sounds a bit unfinished and unpolished. The songs are not particular good either. 

This is a decent album/demo.  If you can find this thirty odd minutes long demo as a free download, get it. If not; forget it.

2 points

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